Success is not a straight line. Many forget that the Deutschlandachter finished last at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. It was the changes we made ourselves that put us on the road to success.

When I first took part in the Olympic Games with the Deutschlandachter In 2008, the flagship of the German rowing sport came far behind the competition and its own claim as the last in the finish.

Then between 2009 and 2012 I remained unbeaten with my crew in 36 regattas and won the world championship three years in a row. With the Olympic victory in London we crowned our sporting career.

How was that possible?

After the experiences in Beijing, we analyzed in a team which necessary changes we have to implement together in order to unfold our full potential.

As a speakercoach and consultant I make sure that other people and companies can also benefit from these important experiences from sport.

With this I would not only like to inspire but also to encourage concrete action. Therefore I offer practical and effective approaches to achieve better team results.

Come on in my boat. Talk to me.